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Closed Recruitments

Human Resources Director
City of Petaluma, CA / Closed April 2019
Director of Finance
City of Poway, CA / Closed April 2019
Fire Chief
City of Santa Clara, CA / Closed April 2019
Chief Transportation Official
City of Palo Alto, CA / Closed April 2019
Public Works Director
City of Ventura, CA / Closed April 2019
Assistant Director, Planning & Community Environment
Palo Alto, CA / Closed March 2019
Community Development Director
City of Ventura, CA / Closed March 2019
Water Director
City of Santa Rosa, CA / Closed March 2019
Assistant City Manager
City of Napa, CA / Closed March 2019
Director of Transportation
City of Pasadena, CA / Closed March 2019
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